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Labrador Nationals

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Labrador Retriever Nationals 

The first Australian Labrador Retriever National event was held in the year of the millenium - 2000 in Sydney, New South Wales and attracted over 180 conformation entries.
Nationals are now held every 2 years and are hosted by a different State of Australia on a rotational basis. They are the premiere event for all Labrador Retriever exhibitors and to win at a National is something many breeders/exhibitors aspire to. Individual result pages are dedicated to each National and the respective winners.

List of Nationals held:

  • Sydney, New South Wales, 2000
  • Melbourne, Victoria, 2002
  • Adelaide, South Australia, 2004
  • Brisbane, Queensland, 2006
  • Perth, Western Australia, 2008
  • Sydney, New South Wales, 2010
  • Melbourne, Victoria, 2012 
  • Brisbane, Queensland, 2014 
  • Sydney, New South Wales, 2016
  • Adelaide, South Australia, 2018
  • Brisbane, Queensland, 2022
  • Melbourne, Victoria, 2023