National Labrador Retriever Breed Council

Elbow Scoring Explained

Since 2016 new forms have been used by radiographers when providing the results of hip and elbow scores. In order to provide consistency of understanding about how to read, and accurately interpret the post-2016 scores, the following information was provided by Dr Karen Hedberg, Chair of the ANKC Health and Wellbeing Committee.

On the post-2016 scores there is a mm of change box which is filled in. Although there was the opportunity for this mm of change to be included in the pre 2016 form it rarely was.

The grading of the elbows is fully explained in the linked document but a precis is as follows:

Normal or Grade 0 - no signs of arthritic change. This is usually measured on the caudal Anconeal process

Grade 1 - up to (but just under) 2mm of change

Grade 11 - 2mm to just under 5mm of arthritic change

Grade 111 - greater than 5mm of arthritic change

UAP (Ununited Anconeal process) - automatic grade 3

Elbows are graded as an overall result to the highest elbow score.

For further explanation, or clarification, please contact the Secretary of your State Labrador Retriever Club.